Regular Membership Household Membership
Single Adult
$10 per year fee
Entire Family
(includes persons under age 18)
$10 per year fee
Regular and Household membership entitles you to a vote in the decisions made at the bimonthly Chihuahua Club of Hawai’i meetings.  Each member will also receive the “Ay Chihuahua” newsletter bimonthly and flyers/notices for all club activities and meetings.
Honorary Membership Newsletter Subscription
Club appoints this type of membership. Non-voting privileges. Member receives bimonthly newsletter
Non-voting privileges
$10 per year fee
All members must be in good standing with the American Kennel Club, and subscribe to the purposes of this club. While the Club membership is unrestricted as to residence, the Club’s primary purpose is to be representative of Chihuahua owners in the State of Hawaii.Please take a second to read some information about the club before applying for membership.All members must abide by the Club’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Regardless of what type of membership is selected, ALL club members are welcomed to all club activities!


Membership Application
Click Here for Membership Form

Complete the online Membership Form (PDF)

and mail to:
The Chihuahua Club of Hawaii
PO Box 4545
Kaneohe, HI 96744

For more information or questions, please use our Contact Page.