1 week ago

Aloha Members !
A Beautiful, but H O T day for our Olympics. Come prepared. Bring lots of water for yourself and your dogs. Sunscreen recommended. Maybe a umbrella, for shade. Handheld fan.
See you all at 12oo noon. Please be on time. Looking forward to seeing you all.

1 week ago

Not just our annual Chihuahua Olympics. We are also celebrating 20 years.

2 weeks ago


This is the link yo our HHS Pet Walk donation page.
Please help us to help the HHS by donating on our behalf.
Mahalo, CC Board.

Mahalo for your gift to the animals! Your donation helps fund more than 30 programs and services that the Hawaiian Humane Society offers to help orphaned animals and people in need on Oahu.

3 weeks ago
Curejoy Pets

Sounds good.

Your dogs will love this!

3 weeks ago
Like If You Love Chihuahuas

Thought this was cute.
Probably true too.

3 weeks ago

We're so excited !!!

3 weeks ago

1 month ago

To all of the club members, human and chi who came out today for the fashion show at Pohai Nani. From the youngest pups at just 4 months to the oldest at 17 years old, you all were FANTASTIC !! Pictures to come soon.