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These are paid advertisements, and the breeders are listed by senority in regard to the start date of their original ad. The Club does not endorse any particular breeder and reserves the right to pull any ad for any reason. Also, the Club reserves the right to refuse to place a breeder’s advertisement in the newsletter and Web site. Only AKC breeders with good standing in the Club are allowed to place an ad. If the Club decides to pull a breeder advertisement, no compensation will be due to the breeder for the remainder of the year. The Club expects all breeders with an ad on the Club Web site and newsletter to conduct themselves in a business-like and professional manner, otherwise the Club will pull the breeder’s ad.

Giron Chihuahuas

Contact: Sherri
Phone: (808) 782-7332 Oahu

AKC Chihuahuas-Longcoats and Shortcoats 

Raised in my home. Both pet and show potential. Both Hawaii and Mainland lines. Some "Service Dog Certified." 
Great temperaments; around children and other dogs. Pups available regularly with health guaranteed.

Choose Wisely

The Chihuahua Club of Hawaii does not provide any guarantees as to the quality and health of any Chihuahua placed by any of the breeders. If you are looking for a Chihuahua you should always be very careful what you buy, it is “Buyer Beware.” The Club has more information in some Article Posts, which may help you to decide whether a Chihuahua is the right dog for you, questions to ask breeders, and some things to watch out for when you are looking for a dog.