About Us

The Chihuahua Club of Hawaii –
History and Vision for the Future

The Chihuahua Club of Hawaii was started in 1998, by a small group of friends who originally met on the Internet. We started as purely a social Club on a casual basis. As we grew, new members helped to organize and structure the Club. The Club was formally put together in 1999, with a full board of officers, bylaws, and a constitution. We have also reached another milestone in 2002, because the Club is now officially recognized by the American Kennel Club. Today, our club of over 50 members, is very diverse, with members involved with obedience, agility, showing and breeding, breed education, foster care and rescue, and many other community activities.

We are still primarily a social club and we welcome both registered and unregistered Chihuahuas, as well as Chi mixes. However, we encourage attendance and participation at our meetings and activities. If you are not sure whether you will be able to attend meetings or actively participate, you are welcome to join the club as a newsletter member. All of our newsletter, regular and household members can attend and participate in all Club functions. Our meetings are held about every 2 months (February, April, June, August, October, December), and we do fun activities with our Chihuahuas, like our Annual Chihuahua Olympics, Halloween costume contest, Christmas party, nursing home visits, Matches, and the Celebration of Dogs, etc. Our club has also made substantial contributions to the Hawaiian Humane Society, monetary as well as other types of contributions. Members are also encouraged to support the Club by helping to coordinate club activities. Members are also welcome to contribute articles and items for our bi-monthly newsletter.

From our past experiences we have formulated policies for Club members for breeder referrals for puppies, product vendors, Club equipment, and advertisements for breeders and adoptions in the newsletter and on the website, etc. Any questions on the Club’s policies can be emailed or you may write your question on your membership application. You may also look on our Club website for more information. Click on the Club newsletters, July 2002 publication. The club includes photos of our activities on our website and in our newsletters. The photos will primarily feature your dogs. Some photos may include you as the owner, however we will not be identifying the owners by their full names. If you have any concerns about this policy and/or do not want you or your dog featured like this, you need to let us know.

We wish to thank all the members and people who created and are keeping the Chihuahua Club of Hawaii together. Our club has grown and prospered in these last few years, formed and fostered by people who love and cherish this breed, and only wish to do what is right to better the Chihuahua as a breed. We are bound together by this foundation, which is the love of this wonderful little dog. It is our earnest hope that we never lose sight of this important reason we are together. So as we move forward into the millennium, let’s enjoy the clan of Chihuahuas, remain united in our love of this breed, and just have fun with our dogs!!! Mahalo.